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Treatment for College Students and Young Adults

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College Student Counseling

College Students/Young Adults

Many universities provide short-term counseling. If you are in need of more comprehensive treatment or wish to pursue treatment in a setting removed from your school, American Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Dr. Wupperman has expertise in treating problems including academic difficulties (test anxiety, difficulty with time management), relationship stress, binge eating, anorexia, difficulty managing emotions and impulses, substance use, perfectionism, insomnia, and depression.

Peggilee Wupperman, Ph.D., Clinician, ,is a New York State licensed psychologist who is currently associate professor at John Jay College/City University of New York, assistant clinical professor at Yale School of Medicine, and director of the Mindfulness and Modification Therapy Program at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Outpatient Center. Dr. Wupperman completed her pre-doctoral fellowship at Yale School of Medicine, attended a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Washington under the direction of Marsha Linehan (founder of Dialectical Behavior Therapy), and returned to Yale School of Medicine for an advanced postdoctoral fellowship in the Psychotherapy Development Center. Dr. Wupperman has extensive experience providing mindfulness-based treatments, cognitive behavior therapy, DBT, interpersonal psychotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and motivation-enhancement therapies. She specializes in treating clients who struggle with anxiety and/or problem behaviors (issues with alcohol/drugs use, anger outbursts, binge eating, etc.) that interfere with living lives that fit their values. She understands that these behaviors are often used to cope with difficult emotions and may seem impossible to resist. Thus, she uses a compassionate and empirically supported approach to help clients decrease problem behaviors, address the urges and anxiety that often occur when the behaviors are decreased, and begin to live lives that feel more meaningful and fulfilling.

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