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Dr. Leahy at Sloan Kettering 

Dr. Beck and ACT members at the Congress in Goteborg, Sweden.

Front Row, Left to Right:

Leslie Sokol, Aaron T. Beck, Donna Sudak, Judith Beck.
Back Row, Left to Right:
Keith Dobson, Lynn Marcinko McFarr, Robert Leahy, Dennis Greenberger, Mark Reinecke, Jesse Wright. 

ACT members at the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) Annual Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, September 2005.

Front row: (left to right) Judith Beck, Deborah Dobson, Sharon Morgillo Freeman, Art Freeman, Joop Meiers, Rashed Al-Sahel.
Back row: (left to right) Robert Leahy, Gilbert Pinard, Tullio Scrimali, Phil Kendall, Hakan Turkcapar, Emmanuel Maidenberg.

(Left to Right)
David Barlow, ACT Honorary President Aaron Beck, President Judith Beck, and Board Members Robert Leahy, Donna Sudak, and Lynn Marcinko McFarr, at the ACT Informational meeting at the 39th Annual AABT/ABCT Convention, November 18, 2005, where Dr. Barlow received this year's Aaron T. Beck Award for Significant and Enduring Contributions to Cognitive Therapy.

(Left to Right):
Fred Holsten, See King Emilio Quinto Barrera, Jess Wright, Bob Leahy, Judith Beck, Irismar Reis de Oliveira, Margaret Hovanec, at the American Psychiatric Association (APA)Annual Meeting. Toronto, May 2006.

Drs. Mehmut Sunger of Turkey and Antonella Montana of Rome, Italy, and Dr. Leahy (AICT).

Dr. Leahy with Dr. Behrooz Birashk from Iran at the 2005 Conference in Greece.

Dr. Leahy at home in Connecticut.

(Left to Right) Jim Nageotte (Guilford publishing), Dr. Leahy, Dr. Lata McGinn (Yeshiva University), Baruch Fishman (Weill-Cornell Medical School) at the ABCT conference in Chicago, 2006.


Dr. Dennis Tirch in China


Dr. Leahy and Dr. Linehan


Dr. Leahy with the Boards of International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy and Academy of Cognitive Therapy

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